About Us

 Hello, I’m Ethan Van Grunsven and I started the Sconny Company. Here’s our story! 

The Sconny Company (sconnyco) was created in the summer of 21’ when I was a 19-year-old college student who aimed to create stylish Wisconsin based apparel that doesn’t represent any sports team or university. Growing up I realized that there was no way for my friends and I to represent just Wisconsin without it being tied to a sports team or university, and if there was Wisconsin based apparel it was only screen printed which deuterated after only a couple times in the wash. Our mission was to set out and create high-quality embroidered apparel for the people of Wisconsin to be able to proudly and stylishly represent their roots. 


To the rest of the world, Wisconsin is that northern state where all we do is farm and produce dairy, but to us it’s much more than that. It’s the beautiful summer days spent boating around the lake, euphoric pink sunsets and cold winter days spent in the ice shanty; it’s home. Our home has no shortage of elegant beauty, so we thought we’d bring that same beauty to fashion to give us-the people-the ability to proudly and fashionably represent our pride for this gorgeous place.